Embarking on a Centenary Expedition – with a Virtual “Guide”

The Department of Tourism invites us to begin the anniversary year by downloading a mobile application of the Centenary Route. From now on, a virtual “guide” will help you to search for a stuffed owl which used to be a pet of J. Basanavičius, a church built by a signatory using a barn’s planks, a monument cast from melted cents, villas which witnessed the stories of a resort town’s nudists, an apple-tree garden of A. Smetona or other distinctive features of the restored Lithuania.  

A mobile app LT100 for smart phones and tablet computers enables convenient use of the information contained in the publication “Travel Around It and Get to Know It! The Centenary of the Restored Lithuania”, planning of trips around the sites of the Centenary Route of Lithuania and establishing of their exact location on the map as well as the distance between the sites.

“We would like to invite you to celebrate this special year for Lithuania by travelling! The history of the Centenary of the Restored Lithuania is not boring, you just have to know how to encourage it to tell a story. It is our hope that the mobile app will attract young, modern and curious tourists and encourage them to travel around the country. We have to know our country better so that we are really proud of it,” is convinced Indrė Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė, Acting Director of the Department of Tourism.

The app includes an interactive map as well as the sites with descriptions and photos. The app also uses illustrations created for the Centenary by Aistė Papartytė, the author of illustrations for a brief history of Lithuania in a rap song video. The sites can be filtered by region, city/town, nearest sites and distance.

The information on 100 stops of the route is provided in Lithuanian, while the description of the adapted route (20 sites) is also available in English.

The app can be downloaded free-of-charge from Google Play or Apple Store shops. It is intended for independent travellers of various age, families, organisers of trips around Lithuania and Lithuanians residing abroad.

The development of the Centenary Route with 100 historic, cultural and natural sites related to the history of restoration of the independent state of Lithuania of 1918-1923 was initiated in 2017 by the Department of Tourism. It has been created in cooperation with the Faculty of History of Vilnius University, while the texts have been written by Luka Lesauskaitė and Simonas Teškevičius, who hold MA degrees from Vilnius University, and guide Lina Dusevičienė. The sites have been divided according to subjects, such as personalities who took part in the restoration of Lithuania, fights for Independence and decisive victories, or the establishment of power and local government, and according to regions (Vilnius city, Kaunas, southern Lithuania, eastern Lithuania and western Lithuania). The publication has been posted on the websites www.Lithuania.travel and www.tourism.lt 

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