#SWITCH! – the largest, open and free ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltic region will take place in Kaunas for the third time

Next week, MEP A. Guoga will kick-off the largest ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltics — #SWITCH!.  Thousands of European and global tech professionals, start-ups and young people who are interested in digital entrepreneurship will meet in Kaunas, Lithuania, 19th of September. There will be an overview of DSM strategy focusing on #medtech, #fintech, #blockchain.

The organiser of the #SWITCH! event A. Guoga said: “#SWITCH! connects European digital dimensions with local businesses and brings digital single market tools to Lithuania. In this way the digital single market becomes not only the concept of European institutions, it delivers real business and real opportunities. I believe everyone can be more successful and competitive in a European digital single market.  #SWITCH! and its progressive ideas bring together the public and private sector, young people and professionals from the region.”

Following the launch of DSM by the European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip during #SWITCH! 2015, a large number of tech professionals will continue to debate an overview of DSM strategy results during the 2017 event in Kaunas. This year, #SWITCH! will dedicate professionals’ programme to take stock of the Digital Single Market agenda, and draw guidelines for policy makers in national governments and within EU institutions about the actual digital market needs and challenges. Topics include ongoing debates covering fintech, medtech, bigdata, copyright, cyber security and digital skills.

#SWITCH! will play host to a wide range of digital debates as well as high level networking, including global tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Netflix, Dash, NEM, Swedbank, Tele2, Nasdaq, Oath, Dell, Hollister, Mastercard, ATEA, DXC Technology, and the other.

MEP A. Guoga stated: “Due to the large number of financial talents and tech start-ups, Lithuania works on the policy side to allow Fintech development.  I believe that blockchain technologies are the future, and Vilnius is the place where everyone can test his or her boldest ideas.”

He adds: “With regards to medtech and e-health, Kaunas is a unique location where medical technologies can start their success stories.  It has suitable human resources for medtech, developed infrastructure, and established strong areas of medtech investment.”

What should be done at the national and European levels to accelerate market access, increase development, and implement innovative products, technologies and services for e-health and medtech? These, and other medtech and e-health challenges will be the focus of the #SWITCH! panel on medtech featuring the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, V. Andriukaitis, along with other representatives of government and industry including the European Association of Mail Service Pharmacies, DXC Technology.

Innovations which are shaking up the traditional financial sector are a highlight of the event, #SWITCH!.  How can we make the EU Single Market for financial services more competitive, inclusive and efficient? How can modern technologies be a game changer of the traditional financial sector, and what are the challenges for those trying to break into the market as alternative providers? How is the future of money built?  A debate on #fintech and the transformation of the financial sector in the face of a heavily regulated market will coincide with high level key note speeches by the co-founders of global blockchain companies including Dash and NEM.

Event Programme


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