Tadas Vizgirda

The company’s start was successful in Lithuania: we have doubled our initial targets already. In the exceptionally competitive labour market, we have formed strong teams of managers, engineers, and client service specialists. The founders of Revel Systems highly appreciate the skills of Lithuanians: our engineers innovate and develop key products of the company, and service specialists form best practices in client service.

Revel Systems is a recognized iPad-based point of sale system from the US. Its product is a multifunctional point of sale system ensures both conventional transactions and performs analytical functions: accounting operations, financial statement formation, and employee performance analysis.

Revel Systems offers innovative point of sale solutions all over the world. It has completed its first stage of expansion in Lithuania, and since its start of operations in Vilnius in September 2015, the company has employed more than 100 employees. This year, the company plans to increase its team in Lithuania to 200 employees and to expand actively not only in Lithuania, but also in Estonia, Poland, and the Nordic countries.        

Having survived one of the biggest changes in the global point of sale systems market by having innovated a smart point of sale solution that operates on the iPad, today Revel Systems helps companies all over the world manage their business more efficiently. Businesses in Lithuania have chosen the unique point of sale system for its simplicity, reliability, and freedom to manage business processes remotely.     

Companies like Donut LAB, Coffee Inn, Local T, Crustum, and many others successfully use the Revel Systems point of sale system in Lithuania.


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