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Lithuania welcomes Pope Francis

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National competition 'It is we who build the State'



is a success story created by the people of Lithuania and the Lithuanians living abroad: our grandparents, great-grandparents, parents, and us. Many of us still cherish in our families live memories of the signatories, diplomats, farmers, freedom fighters, priests, athletes, teachers, the Righteous among the Nations, members of Sąjūdis, scientists, or the volunteers. They are our heroes that make up our Lithuania.

To celebrate the Centennial of the restored Lithuania, we invite everyone to discover our own personal connection, individual stories, emotions and traditions.


What we celebrate now is not one date but the entire century of the success story created by us all. Therefore, in the lead-up to the Centennial, we invite looking back at our achievements, to celebrate the 16 of February and to continue building our Lithuania.

The Centennial Programme invites us all to: Learn! Create! Celebrate!


Learn history, achievements and challenges of the Centennial. 9 Exhibitions, 22 movies, audio-visual and information campaigns will present various moments of our statehood and the building if the nation inviting us to discover our own story and connection. A special ‘Thank-you’ campaign invites us to send ‘Thank you’ postcards to the people that we think are important and special for us personally or for the country.


Celebrate the most important date of the Centennial, February 16, the birthday of the restored Lithuania. The entire Lithuania and Lithuanians abroad will celebrate it in their own way – by continuing the old traditions and creating the new ones. At 12.30pm, all the bells in Lithuania will start ringing, thus inviting us all to start the celebrations. 75 various cultural events will mark the date around the world. The Song Festival that will happen on 30 June – 6 July will bring together 20 000 Lithuanians and guests from around the world. There will be a special opening performance on July 1 and a breath-taking and uniquely massive choir on the closing day culminating in a joint signing of the National Anthem by the Lithuanians all around the world, which will definitely give you a moving experience. The Festival is the Olympic Games of songs and leaves everyone a winner with truly positive emotions.


Create today and tomorrow by being an active and responsible citizen.

Centennial events

What will Lithuania look like?

For four years, Lithuania will use a visual identity that was created exclusively for the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the State.

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